Fort night! Fort night!

We had big plans of going camping last weekend, but a rainy Friday decided otherwise. Not to worry! We improvised with an indoor fort, grilled hotdogs + microwaved s'mores. Oh and we watched The Pink Panther.

Indoor forts are a tradition that we began during our first year of marriage and I always look forward to these! Our forts basically consist of all of our living room blankets tied/rigged together with cord draped over the couch. I'm so thankful that Sam is so much fun, and an expert fort builder. ;)

This night's fort food included grilled hotdogs, chips, and Stewart's orange n cream soda in frosted mugs (what took us so long to do this?!). We usually skip dinner on fort nights and just indulge in lots of snacks! Oh, then s'mores for dessert!

Fort nights are so much better with these two!

Fort nights = a fun + free (minus the cost of food) date night! It has become one of our favorite traditions. So on the next rainy night that comes your way, why not transform your living room into a cozy, indoor campground?


  1. i've heard so much about your forts but never seen a photo of one. love it! :)

    1. Really?! I didn't realize that I never posted a photo or anything. Haha. Well it was about time then! :)

  2. What an awesome idea! I'll have to talk Jamie into trying out a fort night soon...this week might be perfect for one because we have alot of rainy weather moving through!