Quirky antique store goodies

Here's a recap of one of our recent thrifting adventures. We browsed one of our favorite thrift/antique stores and came away with a handful of quirky items, all for the home.

1. Tin filing system • After a few minutes of thinking what to use this for, I knew that it would be perfect on our handmade wooden factory cart table to house/hide remotes (we have a LOT of remotes for some reason) and such. It adds a bit of industrial to our wooden table. It's slightly beat up, but I do love it.

2. Ceramic camel planter • So excited to find this little guy! He now lives among the many other animal-themed decor in our house. Haha. I want to add a succulent to his back. I think the camel needs a name, no?

3. Three old hymnals • We've been on the hunt for old hymnals for quite a while... so happy we stumbled upon these buried beneath other books.

4. Seasons tin • I have a thing for old tins, and this is probably my new favorite. There are very scientific-y illustrations of each season on the sides. Love it.

5. Mushroom mug • Just a cute, random mug with yellow mushrooms.

6. Milk glass vase/jug • I also collect (cheap) milk glass and I thought this was a good deal for its size. Milk glass always reminds me of charming cottages.

7. Vintage tennis planter • We bought this for my parents (my dad is a tennis instructor), so technically I was reimbursed for this one. This planter would be cute for pen storage, too!

8. Two burlap coffee sacks • We've already put these coffee sacks from Colombia to use! Find out more here.

9. Vintage potato sack • Another steal on a burlap sack. Excited to find a place for this, because I love the bright colors against the burlap. Perhaps a pillow is in its future?


  1. Yay!!!! I still can't believe I won! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to wear my new earrings to Sarah's wedding and all spring long! :-)

  2. I also love meandering through consignment, thrift and vintage shops. You never know what old treasure you will uncover. Fun, fun!