{Adventures} Atlanta, GA (in chicken & fish, respectively)

About two and a half weeks ago, Sam and I took a day trip to Atlanta to meet up with our college pals Thomas + Laura and explore the Georgia Aquarium. First we met for (a delicious) lunch at Gladys & Ron's Chicken & Waffles. Some of the best fried chicken + cornbread we've ever tasted. I'm regretting not trying the waffles. But on the other hand "I'm leaving... leaving on that midnight train to Georgia" was stuck in my head all day.

Then it was off to the famed Georgia Aquarium. This place was pretty high on my Georgia bucket list. With a sea turtle, whale sharks, giant stingrays, and beluga whales, I really could've stayed there all day. Let's be honest, I probably could've spent all my time watching this little guy:

Albino alligators and eels, yikes!

The tunnel where you could watch sharks and stingray dark shadows swim above you? Creepy-cool.


  1. Chicken and fish - both great animals!

  2. mer's comment has me laughing out loud. i am glad you ate the chicken instead of the fish at the aquarium! ;) that's the restaurant where ben and i went when we went to atlanta!!

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm freaked out by jellyfish too, and I'm not even sure I got stung by them really. According to my dad--after a jellyfish sighting and a freakout on my part-- I was simply grazed by a jellyfish. It just swam by me, and I still felt this really weird sensation across my thigh afterward that lasted awhile. It creeped me out. I understand!