Day 14: Fall to winter, just like that

October 28
Day 14: Cache Creek, BC, Canada to Quesnel, BC, Canada: 200 miles

We awoke to an overcast, chilly morning after camping and were checked on by the park owners who were happy to hear we made it through a night of tent camping with no problems. After our breakfast of oatmeal and pumpkin spice tea, we cleaned up our campsite, organized the car, and walked the dogs around the RV park trails and piles of autumn leaves.

We filled up on gas before leaving Cache Creek. Canada measures fuel by liters instead of gallons. The price is cents per liter vs dollars per gallon. Oh and everything is so much more expensive here.

The route to Quesnel consisted of sparse, tiny towns less than a quarter mile long; snow on the ground; frozen lakes; signs for elk, badger, and sheep crossing. There were definitely signs of civilization but where were all the people? What are their jobs out in the middle of nowhere? How do they survive out here? 

It began snowing heavily in Quesnel so we cut the day short. We got off the worsening roads and stayed at a Super 8. We caught up on laundry and skyped with my parents, Alex, and Ariel.


  1. I just discovered your blog, It's fantastic. I love your dogs!

  2. Oh, thank you friend! I haven't blogged in awhile but maybe I will start back up again. I go back and forth...ha. :)