Day 2: Cotton fields + Springfield

Trumann, Arkansas to St. Joseph, Missouri • 453 miles

Day two: beautiful clear blue Mammoth Springs at the AR/MO border; entering Missouri (state #4); tiny towns and endless cotton fields; a quick detour in sunny Springfield, MO; lots and lots of roadside antique stores in Missouri; Arthur Bryant's Barbeque in Kansas City.

Driving through Arkansas basically consisted of lots of cotton fields, plenty o' roadkill armadillos, and pretty fall leaves. We experienced our first on-a-whim roadside stop near the border of Arkansas and Missouri. As it turns out, clear deep blue water is pretty enticing. The basin of the Mammoth Springs is seventy feet deep and has a water flow of nine million gallons per hour. Clearest blue water we've ever seen, and the reflection of the autumn leaves was quite a sight.

Missouri scenery changed slightly from AR... roadside antique stores, one after another. Teeny tiny towns (Brandsville, population 161).

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  1. Hey, we've been to Missouri together before! :) Love love love the sunflower picture. Beautiful.