Days 5 + 6: Badlands National Park, part two

This morning, Saturday, we awoke to a beautiful sunrise in the Badlands. And of course, more coyotes howling their lungs out. We cleaned and packed up our campsite while heating water on the campstove for pumpkin spice tea in the chilly South Dakota air. We also ate a few pumpkin muffins that my mom made for us... Thanks, mom!

On our way out of the Badlands, we saw a herd of bison, grazing on the hill, as the sun continued to rise high in the sky. So beautiful and majestic. We also caught a glimpse of another lone coyote running through the open land. Oh and we can't forget about the group of maybe 40 (!) bighorn sheep just hanging out at the park exit. Funny to have a showdown with a sheep in the middle of the road.

Hiking and camping in the Badlands was one of my most favorite experiences ever. By far the favorite day of our trip so far. It was fun seeing so much wildlife in such a unique environment.

Along I-90, we saw probably 100 billboards advertising for Wall Drug in Wall, SD. Of course we had to stop. It reminded me of South of the Border in SC. You can't NOT stop. It's a cool trading post-style western store - yeah it's mostly touristry. We picked up a few postcards and other knickknacks and enjoyed Subway. The first one we had seen in days!

Then we hit the road for southwest South Dakota...

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  1. Pumpkin spice tea? Why am I just now hearing about this?! Lol that would be sooo much healthier for Jamie and me over all the coffee we drink this time of year! Your pics are so stunning, I think the Badlands might need to be added to the list of places I want to visit someday. :-)