Day 22: THIS way to Fairbanks...

^^ ravens are everywhere up here!

November 5
Watson Lake, YT, Canada

Last night still feels unreal. I feel so discouraged... from the extra days spent just waiting around on this trip (from either weather or car issues) to the extra money we've lost to just being so drained and exhausted.

Watson Lake and the Big Horn Motel... yet again our "home" for another night as we figure out our current situation. Watson Lake is very small and has no uhaul rentals (our first choice of transportation). After a lot of effort, we were able to get the Land Rover towed from the side of the road into Watson Lake this morning. We had a terrible time tracking down a AAA tow truck provider - turns out there is only ONE in the entire Yukon Territory and it turns out they are located in Whitehorse and are extremely rude and unprofessional. Sam and a man named Norm rode out to where it was parked, then towed it back to the Big Horn Motel.

To cheer ourselves up, we took the dogs on a walk to Watson Lake's one and only tourist attraction: Sign Post Forest right off the Alaskan Highway. Travelers of the ALCAN stop and leave license plates/signs here, then continue on their way. If I had known about it before, we definitely would have left something to represent North Carolina! There were so many signs! Thousands! It was fun exploring the area, and the dogs loved being out in the snow. The rest of our night was just spent trying to relax.

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  1. I had nightmare truck problems in Fort St John. I was driving back from Edmonton alone when I was 18 with my two dogs and my transmission went out. I stopped at the sign village and left a license plate, but didn't have a nail, so propped it on the ground, doubt it's still there lol. The watson lake grocery store used to have good pastries!