Day 25: Welcome to Alaska

and then... 

November 8
Whitehorse, YT, Canada to Tok, AK, USA (!) 395 miles

With the Land Rover secured to a trailer, and the trailer attached to the uhaul, we FINALLY started the last leg of the journey in Canada today. Sam, both pups, and I all crammed into a bench seat in the uhaul. So so cramped and sort of amusing. Luny loved being so close to Sam for 8+ hours, and of course Kaia was scared of every single bump in the wintry roads.

We drove through such remote areas all through Canada. Beautiful snow-covered mountains that were so steep, and endless winding roads. The surrounding snow-covered pine trees were very Whoville looking. We caught a hazy and distant glimpse of Mount Logan in Kluane National Park, Canada's highest mountain and the second-highest peak in North America at 19,551 ft (second to Mount McKinley in Alaska of course!). We were hoping to see a few Bighorn sheep but no luck. We did see a few more wild horses, and that was the extent of our wildlife viewing... darn.

Finally arrived in Beaver Creek YT, which meant we were only 15 miles from the United States border. Hallelujah! Our excitement was crazy. At this point, after all of our challenges in Canada, we were focused solely on getting back to America that we had sort of forgotten that we would be entering the US through ALASKA, our final destination!

We made it through the border with ease, and the border patrol man even gave us dog treats for Luna and Kaia. What a warm welcome! In the nine degree temperature, we celebrated the good ol US of A with a few photos with the Alaska state sign.

America the beautiful! I don't mean to come across as being negative toward Canada, but after everything we went through, you can imagine our excitement and relief to be back in our "homeland." Somehow the mountains seemed more breathtaking, the sunset over the Alaskan Range more captivating... and there's no arguing with the fact that the roads were definitely an improvement! Plowed and pothole-free.

Tonight's destination was tiny Tok, Alaska. Gas prices near the border were about $4.60/gallon. There is a small grocery store here, where we purchased our nutritious dinner of bagel bites and pizza rolls. I also bought some fruit, but ever since Canada the produce prices have been outrageous! Five dollars a pound for grapes!

Anyway, we stayed at the Snowshoe Motel, home of six television channels and lukewarm shower water. :) Still, we were safely back in America and we were grateful. Tomorrow we drive toward Fairbaaaaaankkkksss!

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