{DIY} mason jar winter wonderland

Made a few mason jar winter wonderlands for our home this past Christmas...

Supplies: glass mason jars of varying sizes (I found mine at thrift stores & flea markets), fake snow (Walmart), fake trees (found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby), animals (I collected various deer figurines from antique stores and flea markets throughout the year), burlap/tree scraps/lights to place around the jars

This project is easy peasy... I sprinkled in some fake snow into each jar, and then added the trees and animal figurines. This tutorial explains how you can glue down the trees and animals to the base of the jars, but I chose not to glue because I reuse these jars all the time throughout the year.

There are so many different ways to customize these jars depending on what you already have or can find at stores. Mostly, I just love how simple and whimsical these wonderlands are. Let it snow!

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