{Adventures} Antique store browsing in Salem, AL

On the way to Auburn a few weeks ago, we spotted an antique store from the highway. Sam turned around and we went to check it out! I love day trips like that - where you can pull off the road or turn around on a whim to explore some hidden treasure that might have been otherwise overlooked. This hidden treasure is called Ol' Salem Antiques & Collectables in Salem, Alabama. We stayed long enough to browse around and snap a few photos...

There were of course tons of things I was interested in... but almost everything was way out of our budget. I wouldn't necessarily say the items were overpriced... these were genuine antiques afterall (really unique ones at that). We left empty-handed - unless you count my camera full of photos. ;) Sometimes antique stores are just fun to browse, even if you don't leave with any purchases. This was just that - a fun beginning to our day trip.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I love that it is called Ol' Salem ... a little reminder of home :)

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