{Adventures} Auburn, AL

We went exploring to Alabama again! Just a 45-minute drive away, Auburn is a great day trip spot. I didn't know much about this place except that it's home to Auburn University. On this terribly hot day (but what else is new?), we walked around the university, grabbed a bite to eat at a local barbeque restaurant, did a bit of shopping, and of course tried the famous lemonade at Toomer's Drugs. Mmm.

We ate lunch at Moe's BBQ ... it was your typical, tasty BBQ joint!

It was fun to walk around a college town again. I love places where the college & downtown area are within walking distance of each other (like my beloved App State!). We didn't spend too much time browsing the university pathways because of the heat (and let's be honest, lemonade was callin' my name!).

This is Toomer's Corner, the "famous intersection."

The lemonade at Toomer's Drugs.... delicious! 

We also checked out the cute little shops downtown... always a fun time. There were adorable boutiques like Therapy and my favorite, Behind the Glass (which reminded me of a mini Urban Outfitters - cute clothes & jewelry, stationery, and other quirky things). We also loved this unique screenprint shop called Stamp, which had lots of neat local Auburn tshirts. We didn't get a chance to try it, but Gigi's Cupcakes looked delish! Besides local restaurants, there were also fun favorites like Jimmy John's and Mellow Mushroom.

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