Kicking off the roadtrip: Lexington Barbecue, North Carolina

Our roadtrip to Alaska has officially begun! After leaving Fort Benning, Georgia, we drove back home to North Carolina on Tuesday, October 9th. We spent a week here before hitting the open road for the last frontier. On our roadtrip, we are planning to stop at America's best BBQ joints in Lexington, Memphis & Kansas City. On our first night back in good ol North Carolina,  we drove a short 25ish miles with my parents for dinner at Lexington Barbecue.

Sam and I both got the chopped BBQ sandwich with fries and hush puppies :). SO GOOD! Lexington-style BBQ is very finely chopped with a vinegar-based sauce.

We met the manager (the owner's son, who has worked at Lexington Barbecue since he was thirteen), who told us that they cook 6,000 pounds of meat each week!

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  1. I hope you have a blast on your journey! I can't wait to see pics once you make it to Alaska! Love and miss you!! :)