Day 11 part 1: Columbia River Gorge(OUS), OR

October 25
Day 11: The Dalles, OR to Centralia, WA: 180 miles

It was a beautiful day for a drive! The Dalles is only about 45 miles to Portland, but we took our sweet time getting there as we explored amazing waterfalls and trails in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. I mean this place is breathtaking, how could we not spend our morning here?

We paid two bucks to drive across "the bridge of the gods." This bridge spans across the mighty Columbia River and is nestled among the fog-covered towering mountains. The view was amazing. And on one side of the river is Oregon; the other is Washington.

The Columbia River Gorge is home to quite a few waterfalls. We explored two of these beauties. First was Horsetail Falls... which seemed almost rainforest-like with its moist atmosphere and moss-covered rocks and trees. So different from the dry land in Montana and South Dakota. We have traveled through so many climates in our journey across the US. We walked our two very excited puppies on the damp trails. These types of stops, where all four of us can stretch our legs and explore, are my favorite.

We then ventured to Multnomah Falls, which was busier and more touristy - almost a resort town with gift shops and lodges and restaurants in proximity. Both falls were absolutely gorgeous!

This little visit wasn't planned but it ended up being one of the highlights of our entire trip - from the scenic drive along the Columbia River, to the quaint little towns hidden among the Gorge, to the incredible waterfalls and trails. Best. detour. ever.

Next stop, Portland!

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  1. These pictures are breathtaking! I love living vicariously through you friends! <3