Day 11 part 2: Portland, OR (aka VooDoo Doughnut!)

October 25
Day 11: The Dalles, OR to Centralia, WA: 180 miles

Portland, OR: 55°
Mocksville, NC: 77°
Fairbanks, AK: 18°

After our morning exploration of the Columbia River Gorge, we were en route to Portland, which was the biggest city we had seen in a few days. ;) Our first stop was the famous Voodoo Doughnut! We had been anticipating this stop ever since Sam's best friend David went a few years ago and absolutely raved about it. Voodoo is a small joint on a street corner in downtown Portland. They had a loonnng line stretching out the doors... good sign. :)

The doughnut shop was very pink, artsy, a little hipster, unique, packed. It was a fun atmosphere! There were two spinning doughnut displays at the counter and no two doughnuts were alike. There were so many options to choose from, but we ordered an old-fashion chocolate glaze, a bacon maple bar, two Portland creams, and two voodoo doughnuts. We took our pink box outside to a picnic table and had ourselves a little pre-lunch dessert (all while keeping a close eye on our dogs in the car;).

So... the doughnuts were amazing! They were thick, cake-like doughnuts and had delicious flavor! Not to mention these things were intricate. It was obvious the time put into creating each doughnut.

In my pre-roadtrip research, I discovered that Portland is also known for their street food so of course we had to experience that for lunch. The food carts were everywhere and there were so many varieties of cuisine so it was hard to choose. Any type of food you could imagine. We ended up going with Chinese. It was made-to-order and delicious, and we totally enjoyed our lunch in the car yet again to be with the pups.

There was a Forever 21 close by... so after our doughnuts & Chinese, I did a little shopping. Thanks Sam for being patient with me! Haha!

We wished we could have explored Portland more, but we were already running late from our detour and also didn't feel comfortable walking city streets with two non-city dogs. Maybe another time!

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  1. Is Voodoo Doughnut where you got the great idea to make those scrumptious looking maple bacon donuts you made this week??

    Only you would make time for some Forever 21 shopping during a cross-country roadtrip! I love it and love you!!