Day 7: Snow-covered Rockies & the open west

Buffalo, WY to Livingston, MT: 282 miles

Today's big event was entering Montana. We actually hadn't planned on traveling through this (beautiful) state, but a hotel employee in Buffalo told us that the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park (our original route) would be risky with the upcoming inclement weather... so north we went!

Back on I-90, we noticed that Montana is much hillier than SD and WY. Because our new route added over two hours, we decided to stay the night in Livingston, MT, which was less than an hour from Yellowstone. It would be a quick and easy drive the next morning. Before arriving in Livingston, we stopped in Billings, MT for a break. I enjoyed running into Target briefly, and we took the dogs to a local dog park. That was so much fun! It was great to see the pups running free again for the first time since we left Georgia.

The drive from Billings to Livingston was beautiful! We caught our first glimpse of snow-covered Rockies. Breathtaking! So amazing to see in person. We drove along the Yellowstone River, too. So many amazing sights to see. I am so excited to go to Yellowstone tomorrow!!!!

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