Day 8: Yellowstone National Park

Livingston, MT to Bozeman, MT: 152 miles

Yellowstone National Park MT/WY: 28°
Mocksville, NC: 68°
Fairbanks, AK: 6°

Elevation at Yellowstone: 6239 ft (at Mammoth Hot Springs)

Yellowstone was amazing. We loved seeing the mighty, rugged, snow-covered Rocky Mountains all around us. After entering the park, we visited Mammoth Hot Springs. The air temp was 28° but the hot springs water was boiling. We happened to meet a nice couple from California who had a three year old red female Siberian Husky named Blue. It was fun letting the dogs meet each other! The lady had grown up in Fairbanks, too. So neat. They snapped a photo of us at the hot springs with their sweet pup, who was allowed on the trails because she was a certified service dogs (sadly Luna and Kaia had to wait in the car).

We drove through the park, just admiring the scenery... lots of pine trees, huge mountains, the Yellowstone River. Sam explored an area with a herd of elk, and stumbled upon a recent (likely) bear kill... Yikes! We also saw two bison hunkering down for the imminent snow storm.

During our drive, it began to snow heavily, which unfortunately cut our trip short. It was disappointing because we had planned on camping here in Yellowstone overnight. The Grand Tetons ended up getting 10+ inches of snow, so it was a good thing that we got out of the park.

Tonight we are staying at a La Quinta in Bozeman, MT. The drive here to Bozeman was terrible. Slippery, snow-covered roads = super slow driving. Thankfully we made it safely! 

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